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HBR0005 – Jim Kweskin


A Collection of American and English Folk Songs

Our album by Jim Kweskin (of Jug Band fame) is released on 27 October 2017 and is available in both CD and digital formats. Use the ordering page of the Hornbeam website for a CD or, if you prefer digital format, follow the link to our Bandcamp page,

To launch the album we’re greatly looking forward to welcoming Jim to London. Following the launch he’ll be playing some gigs around the country. See below for details.

HBR0005 packshot

Sleeve designed and hand-lettered by artist Ski Williams in collaboration with photographer Laurie Lewis.

Jim Kweskin and Sean Read

Mixing session with Sean Read at the
Famous Times Studio in London.

Jim is an interpreter of songs and Unjugged spotlights his ability to get to the centre of a lyric – even one written 80 years ago – and to extract its meaning and make it relevant to a new generation. While his influence on American music in the 60s is great (if little known) and his jug band continues to be an inspiration for modern folk musicians, it’s Jim’s way with a song that is his greatest legacy and the one that Hornbeam highlights here. So take it away Jim, unjugged……


Take a peek at Jim’s website

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