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HBR0004 – “Paley & Son”

Tom and Ben Paley

Hornbeam are delighted to release a second Tom Paley album. This time he’s passing the baton on to his son Ben who shares the proceedings with his fantastic fiddle playing. Enjoy another selection of great old-time tunes and songs.

The album also features Cerys Matthews on guitar & vocal, BJ Cole on dobro and Rob Mason on harmonica. Helping out are old favourites Robin Gillan (guitar, banjo & harmonica), Jonny Bridgwood (bass) and Dave Morgan (percussion).

The sleeve was designed and hand-lettered by artist Ski Williams in collaboration with photographer Laurie Lewis.

Sleeve notes are by Robin Denselow and Mike Gavin.

Tom & Ben P

Click on the picture of Ben and Tom to watch a short video of them talking about each other and the new album.