Canadian born folk star Bonnie Dobson has returned! After a long absence, Bonnie has put together a stunning new album. It’s hard to believe that in her long career, this is the first time she has fronted her own band. What’s more, her voice is warmer, perhaps richer than ever before.

“Take Me For A walk In The Morning Dew”

Bonnie Dobson & Her Boys

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HBR0003 track listing
Play button 1. I Got Stung
Play button 2. Morning Dew
Play button 3. Southern Bound
4. Come On Dancing
5. Living On Plastic
6. Peter Amberley
7. Dink’s Song
8. Winter’s Going
9. Mean And Evil
10. Rainy Windows
11. V’la L’Bon Vent
12. Sandy Boys
13. Born In The Country
14. Who Are These Men?
15. JB’s Song

Recorded in the summer of 2013 at Famous Times Studio, London, UK.

Bonnie Dobson – vocal, guitar
Ben Phillipson – guitar, dulcimer
Ben Paley – fiddle
Jonny Bridgwood – double bass
Dave Morgan – drums
Felix Holt – harmonica, vocal
Ruth Tidmarsh – vocal
Sean Read – trumpet, percussion
BJ Cole – pedal steel guitar, dobro

Sleeve notes by Robin Denselow and Alec Palao.


Robin Denselow, The Guardian (****) Surely this is the comeback album of the year.
Will Hodgkinson, The Times (****) …she sounds better than ever. Her new recording of Morning Dew is as chilling as it is beautiful…
Oz Hardwick, R2 Rock n Reel magazine (*****) Her best album yet…….this is a record that reaffirms Dobson’s status as a singer with few equals, and serves as a timely reminder of her stature as a songwriter. Listen to this album and give your ears a treat.
Michael Tearson, Sing Out! magazine Take Me For A Walk In The Morning Dew is a triumph. Bonnie Dobson is singing better than ever and with total commitment! She sounds glorious. What a thrill to renew a musical acquaintance with a voice I have loved for decades.
Vic Templar, Shindig magazine Lest ye forget, this woman wrote Morning Dew and it appears here, having lost none of its ethereal beauty nor its smouldering power. Sometimes a glut of talent just gets poured into the one mould.
Stewart Lee, Sunday Times Culture magazine (****) The 73-year-old’s comeback sounds, astonishingly, just like the 1960s Greenwich Village folk-rock records that made her name, but better.
Midwest Record This grande-dame folk-rocks along like a spring chicken that just eluded the grasp of the fox that got into the hen house………..Killer stuff that just won’t quit.
Simon Redley, Maverick magazine (****) Chills down the spine time……..Bonnie Dobson sounding at her best with the definitive versions of her best songs.
Steve Hunt, fRoots magazine An exhilarating album made with loving care by performers of the very highest calibre.
Darryl Easlea, Mojo magazine (****) A tender and engaging listen.
Max Bell, Record Collector (****) New album of the month………the lost lady of Canadian folk makes a stunning return.
Gene Wilburn, Penguin Eggs Take Me For A Walk In The Morning Dew is a wonderful gift to her long-term fans………a touchstone recording.